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TALK TO JEFF: When you need complex legal advice for your Amazon and eCommerce business, I am here to help. 
I Help Provide Peace of Mind for Your Growing eCommerce Business
Hi, I'm Jeff Schick. My Amazon journey began in 2011, when I started selling pet shampoo via Amazon FBA. Since then, I built a Seven Figure Amazon business, as well as a Shopify, eBay, and Wal-Mart business. 

When I say I understand what you're going through, it's because I paid for law school at the University of Pennsylvania Law School  by selling on Amazon. 

During my time in law school, I built up an Amazon business that did over $2 Million in annual sales. Along the way, I faced a variety of challenges including account and product suspensions, intellectual property claims, and I even received C&D Letters from large law firms. This experience left me realizing one thing: there was a lack of quality attorneys to represent eCommerce sellers when they faced legal threats. 

I gave up a six-figure corporate "Big Law" job offer, and opened my own law firm devoted to providing high quality legal services at affordable prices. Now, I'm pleased to offer my same quality legal services I have offered via a monthly legal retainer plan.. 

For $89 per month, you can protect your business from legal threats that could severely disrupt your normal business operations. I designed my monthly retainer plan with the sellers in mind, because I've been in your shoes. 

Simply put, I'm here to be your advocate, and a partner in your business success. 
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Jeff Schick Legal
How I Help eCommerce Business Owners
Amazon Suspensions: 
If Amazon Suspends Your Product or Account, I Can Help
I have helped hundreds of sellers with Amazon product and account suspensions. 
Talk to Jeff Call, Text, Message, or Email - Jeff is Here to Help You
My goal is to be responsive and accessible. When a client joins my law firm, you have my cell phone. Emergencies on Amazon can happen any time, and that's it's good to know that I am on your team to help.
Intellectual Property Matters
I have extensive experience assisting Amazon sellers with complex Intellectual Property Matters, including:
- Amazon Rights Owner Complaints (Counterfeit, Trademark, and Copyrights)
- Pre-launch Trademark and Copyright Review
- Filing Trademarks and Copyrights

Traditional Law Firm

Bigbills law firm
Due Upon Receipt
  • Amazon Suspension $3500
  • RA Seller IP Claim $1250
  • Review and Respond to Client Email 0.4 Hours $240
Client-First Monthly Retainer Plan
Billed monthly, no annual agreement requirement
    • Marketplace Account Suspension Coverage at Day 1: As long as you retain our firm as long as your account health rating is above 100, or before receiving a 72 hour notice or deactivation notice, you won't pay for a standard Account Suspension Appeal for WalMart or Amazon. 
    • Marketplace Intellectual Property Assistance Protection: Your retainer plan includes an unlimited number RA/OA IP Claim Appeal per month for Rights Owner Complaints received after retaining our firm. We will assist you with pre-existing IP claims for $139 per IP Claim. 
    • Coverage for Amazon Product Suspensions from the moment a seller signs up. This ensures your products are protected against sales disruption that can cripple your rank and velocity. 
    • Unlimited "Open Office Hours" Calls: You can book an unlimited number of 10 minute to 1 hour Consultations about virtually any legal topic at no additional charge. 
    • Comprehensive Complimentary Business Planning Consultations: Business Planning Consultations are an assessment of a Seller's legal profile and recommendations based on issues discussed.
    • Comprehensive Complimentary Account Health Dashboard Legal Review: Get attorney-client privileged review of your Amazon Account Health Dashboard as well as the legal threats your business could face. 
    • ​​Complimentary Legal Compliance Discussions for Private Label Products
    • Fixed-Fee Discounted Services for LLC Formation, Trademark Filings, Copyright Filings, ASIN Reinstatements, and More
    • ​20% Discount on all Hourly Engagements with Jeff Schick Legal (For Complex Projects)
    Meet Some Sellers That I've Helped
    "...I would recommend him to anyone in the e-commerce space."
    Jeff has helped me navigate a delicate situation balancing the needs of Amazon with the needs of the local state Attorney General and walk the line in the middle to appease both parties. He has a way of breaking a complex situation into simple parts. I would recommend him to anyone in the e-commerce space.
    "The whole process was expeditious and painless."
    My Amazon account received an IP complaint. First thing I did was contact Jeff Schick to discuss a plan of action. Jeff was quick to respond, professional, answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and got the complaint removed. The whole process was expeditious and painless.
    "I will always remember who is in my corner when I need him. That would be none other than Jeff Schick."
    When I was suspended and my son was suspended, Jeff was there for us. 100%. Got it resolved and got us back on track. My acct never missed a beat thanks to him. He has taken us thru the difficult and unsure times that Amazon will throw our way.
    Jeff's Story
    I grew up on a farm in Georgia, where I learned the value of hard work and dedication. Living with a single mother, I helped support our family from an early age. When the Great Recession of the 2000s hit, I knew I had to utilize my love of eCommerce to change my family's future.

    In 2005, I started my first eCommerce business, Horse and Hound Outfitters. Committed to the American Dream, we built a website selling dog and horse products made in the Heartland of America, Kansas. Unfortunately our manufacturer wasn't able to survive the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, but a spark was born, and I knew that eCommerce was going to be my way to make an impact in the world.

    In 2011 I began my Amazon journey. What started as a small expirement of selling American-Made Pet Shampoo blossomed into a robust Amazon business. Over nearly 10 years, I sold over 300,000 pet products, all proudly sourced and manufactured in Dallas/Fort-Worth and Lenexa, Kansas. 

    During my Amazon journey, I was able to pay for law school at the University of Pennsylvania. While enrolled in Penn full-time and working full-time, I spent nearly every free minute shipping products to Amazon. Along the way, I faced a variety of legal hurdles. Each time I faced a legal hurdle, I spent hundreds to thousands of dollars with Attorneys billing me by the billable hour. It deprived me of valuable income that I could invest in my business, and lit a spark to "reimagine the legal experience." 

    Fast Forward to 2022, and I'm proud to launch Jeff Schick Legal. Jeff Schick Legal is the first law firm with a monthly retainer plan developed by a former seven-figure seller, for Six, Seven, and Eight Figure Sellers. Whether you face a complex eCommerce Suspension or an Intellectual Property Matter, Jeff Schick Legal is the first monthly retainer program designed specifically for eCommerce companies to protect them from a variety of threats you're likely to face selling on Amazon.  

    I Know Your Business Challenges Because I've Been In Your Shoes.

    University of Pennsylvania Law School, Juris Doctor
    Cornell University, Bachelors of Science with Honors
    Bar Membership
    Over 600 Sellers Helped*

    Items Sold On Amazon by Jeff
    Over 2,000
    Handled for eCommerce Sellers
    *Attorney Advertising. Past results do not guarantee future performance. 
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    * Pre-Existing Account/Product Suspensions and Accounts under 72 Hour Notice (or whose Account Health Rating is under 100) will be charged a pre-existing suspension fee of $2250 for assistance with their suspension. 

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